Air Purifier Electrolux EAC415

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 63m2
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Made in Korea
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If you are looking for genuine air purifier and long-term warranty from famous brand, certainly Electrolux EAC415 with its capacity of 580m3/h and smooth operation is ideal choice for us. Air Purifier Electrolux EAC415 – “Made in Korea” is directly distributed by Maizota air purifier supermarket.

Ability to strongly purify and cleaning air of Air Purifier Electrolux EAC415

Electrolux air purifer is well-known for its leading home appliances in Europe. Moreover, passing through many years of conquering consumers, capturing trend and customer needs, Electrolux has been really catching up with the trend by own-self high effective air purifiers.

Air Purifier Electrolux EAC415 is one of models that not only can satisfy user’strictest requirements in cleaning air in 63m2 room but also operate strongly. So how does Electrolux EAC415 work and operate?

Genuine Electrolux air purifier EAC415 is equipped with extremely powerful engine. Its fan speed is up to 1000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and air cleaning capacity up to 580m3/h, thus its ability to clean dirts and impurities (with diameter of 2.5 microns) is always ensured and makes living space become cleaner and safer.

Besides its ability to work extremely effective and powerful, smooth operation is the greatest advantage of Electrolux air purifier. This device is suitable for using in various spaces where requires quiet such as bedroom, office, hospital…thanks to improved-engine system and sleep mode, which automatically operated by light sensor.

Fashionable design and effectively purifiying and cleaning air capability of Electrolux EAC415

Electrolux Air Purifier EAC415 – “Made in Korea” with modern design can meet the demand of different display spaces for households or offices… Besides, this machine is also an impressive equipment for decorating your room thank to its compact and saving-space along with suitable thickness.

Super fine dusts and impurities with diameter of 2.5 micrometers are prevented  and trapped by Hepa filter, so these particles can not penetrate into human body. In addition, the CleanCel filter is also integrated inside of machine, which prevents bacteria, molds from forming and spread. Thus, the whole family health is protected effectively from impacts of air pollution.

Besides capacibilty of generating Plasma with high density, Electrolux EAC415 is capable of breaking down the molecular structure of odor causing substances such as food, molds, allergens. It is can be said that Electrolux air purifier EAC415 is a very reasonable choice for our health.

Buying genuine Electrolux EAC415 air purifier with the best reasonable price

Air Purifier Electrolux EAC415 – “Made in Korea” can clean air for various spaces (up to 63m2 ) like house rooms, offices, schools and hospitals. It is trully useful for preventing human being from huge impacts of air pollution.

Currently, Genuine Electrolux EAC415 are distributed directly by Maizota air purifier supermarket for whole nation with long-term warranty and enthusiatically support policy. Choosing Maizota, certain customers will be taken care by the best services.

All information about the EAC415 air purifier in particular and air purifier in general is constantly updated on website In order to be consulted for detail of cleaning or operating methods, please contact us via phone number: 0931 288 288. We are always available for supporting you any questions, so that certainly you can get the best products with your desire.


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