AirVisual Pro-The High-tech Device for Monitoring Air Quality

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The questions that how clean the air indoor and outdoor is and which method the best way to monitor air pollution is? It is certain that if being a person concerning about health problems of family, we can not afford to miss the AirVisual Pro (IQAir AirVisual Pro) with international certification and high-accuracy as well as smart operation via internet connection.

Not only being a usual instrument for measuring air quality

Curently, as rapidly urbanization along with increasing population leads to negative impacts on the environment and infrastructure, especially air pollution with high density of PM2.5, carbon dioxide, dirt…This is contrast effect of social development, which causes a lot of illnesses for humans, especially its harmfullness to chilren’health, elders, who with respiratory illnesses which are very difficult to see by naked eyes.

AirVisual Pro actually became a breakthrough in technology because it can display indexes of air quality directly on screen: Carbon, PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity, …etc while rarely any device on current market can do this. Thank to alerting by specific numbers, users can base on and choose the best options to protect self-health and family indoors or outdoors.

Despite of being indoors or outdoors, it is possible to say any location where the machine can also analyze air cretia accurately and clearly. Moreover, AirVisual Pro can connect to smartphone via internet and alert pollution situation for user how to know preventing method.

With smart displaying method via facial expressions as well as its colors, AirVisual Pro is very user-friendly to easily grasp air pollution situation. This device is also supported by many languages that hepls us easily control, even users can completely program as self-desire.

AirVisual Pro overcomes usual predictions and desires about air quality monitoring device

While most of usual air quality measurement devices on current market can only detect and alert 1 to 2 factors, this AirVisual Pro version can alert to 4 key factors affecting users’health.

With its impressive design, good-looking appearance and large clear display that makes this device deserve being truly value-for-money and branded product, simultaneously still demonstrating fashion and style for user. Hardly  does any air-purifier possess appealing at first glance like IQAir AirVisual Pro. It can be said that AirVisual Pro is future device, becomes popular and dominate market.

Besides ability to work independently, display pollution indexs indoor and outdoor on electronic screen, this device also allows users to connect to only a Smartphone making conveniency for user in operating machine, so that the most suitable adjustments for living invironment and highest effeciency are made.

Possessesing AirVisual Pro – a stylish lifting device for user.

AirVisual Pro-The High-tech Device for Monitoring Air Quality is a well-known air quality monitoring device for highlight unique features in the world, especially in countries where air breath is seriously polluted such as China, United States, India…. In the Vietnamese market, Maizota is proud of being the first air purifier distributing unit in bringing AirVisual to domestic market and helping community to gain more accurate knowledge and deeper understanding about air quality in the place still living, working and living everyday.

The device can be definitely easily and conveniently for user to carry together when travelling, going out by charging battery. Besides, this machine is also quite compact to lay in working room, living room, bedroom…, even can become the difference and attraction on visisting your space

AirVisual Pro’s ability to monitor PM2.5 does not only meet criterias of international brand with high accuracy, smart operation and continuously updated pollution indicators indoor and outdoor. It is true ideal for user to choose effectively with fashionable style bringing many benefits for humans being.

Currently, AirVisual Pro-The High-tech Device for Monitoring Air Quality is being used in Maizota’s Showrooms nationwide helping users to review and adjust accurately, more understand and have a good chance to exposure to a international brand product.

To have further information or more additional experiences in trying to use AirVisual Pro or purchasing desire, customers can go to Maizota air purifier showrooms. You will be consulted and supported carefully by our technical staffs. All information about AirVisual Pro in particular and air purifiers in general is updated constantly on English website  and (Vietnamese website).


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