Buying air purifiers in Vietnam

Buying air purifiers in Vietnam is a big concern of not only domestic consumers but also foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam. Most of them do not know where is truly prestigious address to buy air purifier in Vietnam with good warranty policy and careful customer service, so this article will help customers […]

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What is a Hepa filter? Instruction of How to purchase genuine Hepa Filter

Many people do not know what the difference between a HEPA filter and a normal furnace (media) filter because many products on the internet or in stores claim to be “HEPA rated” or “HEPA type” filters.” What the term HEPA means and how about its structure as well as how to remove not only large size dust particles […]

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What is PM2.5? How does PM 2.5 penetrate into human body?

What is PM2.5? PM2.5 in particular and dust particles in general is particles which float in air with extremely small diameter and too hard to see by naked eye. Due to come from human activities or nature, dust particles always exist anywhere in parallel with our lives. What is PM2.5? P.M2.5 is the concept that […]

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