Blueair Air Purifier is a famous brand of air purifier with Swedish technology, which obtains efficiency, durability and aesthetics. Blueair air purifier is available in most of the markets around the world and distributed in Vietnam by Maizota air purifier system.

Rarely does a brand of air purifier field have that only specializes in air purifier as Blueair. Thanks to only specializing in one product, Blueair has opportunity to research and develop more deeply than spreading of multi-faceted production. Established in 1996, in Stockholm, Sweden by Bengt Rittri, just one year later Blueair launched the first generation of air purifiers called Blueair 401 and received positive reviews from users from domestic and foreign technical experts.

In 2004, Blueair became one of the first manufacturers, which meet qualification for air purifiers with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. This is considered as the big development step of company, not only in terms of position but also asserts that the production development technology has been conducted properly and effectively.

Blueair air purifier models have been constantly improved technology throughout 20 years of establishment and development. In addition, the aesthetic element of the product is highly appreciated. Blueair air purifier is not good-looking in the lines or patterns but by its simplicity. The models are minimalist details avoiding cumbersome but making a big visual impact. Therefore, the air purifier products of company adapt well to variety of different interior spaces.

A special highlight of air purifier is that lies in the intelligent design. Blue Air purifiers are able to connect to smart phones through the Internet. With this feature, users can actively control their device when not at home. Moreover, the intelligent sensors can helps user to detect air quality, especially PM 2.5 and make appropriately adjustments for safer and healthier living space of your family.

Blueair genuine air purifiers have many power levels, which equivalents to many room areas. Consequently, users have more suitable options as their needs and purposes while still bring efficiency and reduce installation and operation cost.

Currently, with gas filters market in Vietnam, it is fortunate  for Maizota to have opportunity to cooperate with the famous brands of air purifiers from Sweden. Blueair brang to consumers the product line with high-quality, efficiency and durability. At Maizota Air Purifier Supermarket, each model of Blueair Air Purifier has a long-term warranty as well as technical support policy during the use time machine. Simultaneously, product also has helped to bring peace of mind and love to many customers for many years.