Hitachi Air Purifier – Made in Japan is a premium brand of air purifier in Japan as well as in Vietnam thanks to the application of advanced materials in fabrication. With its distinctive philosophy, Japan brand has been repositioned by luxury, ingenuity, durability over time and a bit of sophistication along with classic.

Founded in 1910, Hitachi became trusted brand and popular with everyone all over the world. Especially in Vietnam, Hitachi brand is very famous and acquainted with consumers by its high quality, luxury and sophistication like high-quality goods from Japan or Thailand. Currently, Authorized Japan Hitachi Air Purifier is also a big name in the Air Purifiers market.

The first impressed features of appearance are quite beautiful, luxurious and strong. There are also many choices for air purifier with variety of colors matching your space, interior such as white, red flag, black, brown. In addition to supporting remote control, moving wheels are designed for changing the location of the air filter in the room.

In new models, Hitachi is equipped with modern technologies on air purifiers such as high-grade glass panels on the front and under the glass, touch-sensitive buttons, LCD displays air quality, control panel, humidity parameters… The automatic robot is also integrated inside, which helps to clean membrane filter periodically. Particularly humidifying are controlled by intelligent water pumps.

Functions of Hitachi humidifying air purifier imported directly from Japan focuses mainly on the ability to filter dirt and natural humidifying. This can be considered a air conditioner by the same features in the filtering dust and dry air caused by air conditioner regularly. Generally, depending on each model, many sensors are designed such as dust, odor, humidity, temperature.

To summary, with the options of buying a Genuine Hitachi Air Purifier we will possess an effective product that helps you to clean the indoor air with strength on filtering dust and natural humidifying. In addition, it is a beautiful product, luxury to enhance the aesthetic interior of your room. With a strong brand name, high-quality, proved origin and nationwide after-sales service system, this is a readily good choice for you.

Hitachi Humidifying Air Purifier are distributed in Vietnam with a genuine warranty. In addition, products of Hitachi are supported for replacement accessories and returning (if technical errors are caused by manufactures). Moreover, your products are warranted throughout the using process when buying products at the system across the country.