Honeywell Air Purifier is a high-tech product line and developed by Honeywell Corporation, which specializes in manufacturing high-tech industrial equipment. Major areas of Honeywell spread variously products from aerospace industry, automation, petroleum, chemicals to environment. Especially, a famous and important field of this group is the Honeywell Air Purifier.

Revenue of Honeywell reached to $38 billion in 2015 with working of 129,000 staffs and distributing products across 70 countries. The Honeywell became the world-class brand name (listed on the Fortune 100) with advanced equipment. The most important and crucial thing for Honeywell to achieve this successes is that the corporation has met all customer needs.

Currently, Honeywell Corporation owns production networks and wide distribution thanks to the global influence and professional staffs with the world’s leading technology platform. As a result, Honeywell created air purifiers, which is not only effective but also incomparable and outstanding and had meet strict criteria in the biggest markets the United States.

The features of Genuine Honeywell Gas Purifier are quite simply in appearance but unique with eye-catching design, that is unrepeated to any design of other brands in air purifier market. In addition, Honeywell also filter has a unique aerodynamic design from either side 90 degrees perpendicular or 360 degrees for air circulation to be more radical.

In addition to the civil Honeywell air purifiers, producing and sale of high capacity Honeywell industrial air purifiers in Vietnam are also involved by Honeywell Corporation with the most common features from the latest technology integrated: dirt sensors, Wifi Connection to meet the standards of an intelligent air purifier.

Honeywell air purifiers are imported directly and delivered by at air purifier supermarket the whole nation. Products of Genuine Honeywell is warranted 12 months nationwide and home warranty in the urban city.