Daikin Air Purifier MC40UVM6

5,900,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 31m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Sale Information

If you are needing an air-cleaning solution with efficiency, durability, easy-to-use for 31m2 space, Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 is a trully ideal choice for you. This model is certain to be the best sollution for strict requirements from us. Daikin MC40UVM6 is delivered at Maizota air purifier system.

Effectiveness of air-cleaning thanks to technology of Daikin MC40UVM6

Daikin air purifiers impresses consumer with its efficiency, durability and intelligence during operating. For many years, Daikin has always been the first choice of customers in equipping which can clean airbreath for own house, office. As the latest air purifier model 2018, Daikin MC40UVM6 really makes impression at the first sight along with better high-performance than expected.

Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 is integrated with smart filters such as pre-filter, activated cacbon and Hepa filter, which prevents from almost pollutants such as molds, bacteria, PM2.5, PM.03…and odors in the house which infiltrates into body and causes respiratory diseases.

In addition, it can be said that Daikin Streamer technology is the main factor in making efficiency more than expected. In process of operating machine, Streamer technology also allows machine to create powerful vortex airflow, which helps decompose and simultaneously remove allergens for human body such as pollens, mites…

With high efficiency in purifying air, Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 entirely meets user’s strict requirements, especially it is truly useful for house, offices, schools or clinics where cleaned-air is really necessary. Therefore, Daikin MC40UVM6 can be said to be a leading device in the future, which is used for most of places existing human activities.

Smart and durable operation of Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6

Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 possesses high suction power through strong engine with smoothness while it still ensures to purify polluted air from 3 directions (3D). Moreover, outlet also helps to quickly circulate air flow and reduce the output pressure without too much noise.
Because of this quiet operation, MC40UVM6 can meet applicable area of up to 31m2 where requires quietness such as bedroom, living room, work room or room…

With odor and PM2.5 sensors, MC40UVM6 helps users adjust adaptation from appropriate speed of machine in order to achieve the highest level of effeciency. Besides auto-reset mode is automatically restarted when power is turned off, Econo mode also makes the machine become smarter and more effective than popular air purifiers on current market.

Durability of Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 is also ensured by its smart design and powerful engine, so that the machine is certain to posseses long durability and ability to work with high-intensity during purifying.

Intelligence when you choosing properly Daikin MC40UVM6 at Maizota

Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 is compactly designed with pure white and eye catching style, which makes it become attractive and suitable for variety of interior spaces.

Being a familiar destination for domestic consumers for air purifiers in general and Daikin air purifiers in particular, Maizota always distribute genuine, high-quality products with long-term technical support policy.

Currently, Daikin MC40UVM6 is genuinely distributed by Maizota where brings more suitable choices for customer’s purpose as well as requirements to protect effectively public health.

Customer can contact us directly to get free consultation for suitable choices via phone number 0931.288.288. All information about Genuine Daikin air purifier MC40UVM6 is updated constanly on website airpurifier.com.vn


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