Daikin Air Purifier with Humidifying Function MCK55TVM6

8,550,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 41m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Surely being a person concerning about health of yourself and family, we can not forget to mention about air purifier. As new model 2018, Daikin Air Purifier with Humidifying Function MCK55TVM6 is really a perfect product which brings health benefits to user because of its smart functions such as preventing molds, bacteria and PM2.5…Moreover, MCK55TVM6 not only provides natural moisture but also creates living and working space with freshness for us. Daikin MCK55TVM6 is genuinely distributed by Maizota.

The ability to clean air effectively and protect human health of Daikin MCK55TVM6

If Daikin Air Cooler in general, especially DAIKIN MC70MVM6 model is truly reaped domestic consumers’ love and trust because of its efficiency and durabilty during the whole time of using machine. Continuing these successes along with positive technology changes, the Daikin MCK55TVM6 is really “great for money”to protect your family from current’s air pollution situation.

The human respiratory system is often directly affected by air, so Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6 with humidifying function, which is equipped with an extremely efficient membrane system including pre-filter, Hepa Filter and activated carbon filter, not only helps to maximize its air-cleaning ability but also generates natural humid (unlike common mistorizer) that is safe for human health and furniture in your room by the ultra-moisture filter with high durability.

It can be said that filters are the soul of air purifier. Daikin MCK55TVM6 is equipped with Hepa filter possessing ability to prevent molds, bacteria, pollens and especially PM2.5. In addition, the activated carbon filter with  high density helps device deodorize more effectively and eliminate unpleasant odors from foods, smoke …. in 41m2-area.

Its ability to create strongly swirling wind thanks to the latest Flash Streamer technology, which thoroughly sterilizes molds, bacteria, deadmites is one of the most special features of this product, simultaneously your room is also cleaned.

Aesthetic and intelligent design of Daikin MCK55TVM6

Daikin MCK55TVM6 is impressive with pure white and Daikin logo in front side that brings elegance, aesthetics and still retains its original stability.

With its new appearance, difference and aesthetics, Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6 has met the requirements for decorating purpose in variety of interior spaces, which helps protect our health and brings fresh air for us.

Genuinely Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6 is specially equipped with a remote control which allows us to adjust its functions and operating modes more easily and faster than normal mechanical buttons. It can be said that Daikin really pays attention to the consumers’convenience while still ensuring effectiveness and intelligence in of purifying air and operating products.

Instruction about using properly, effectively Daikin MCK55TVM6

For Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6 with humidifying function in particular and air clean in general, consumer’s using way will affect directly on its durability and efficicency as well. Therefore being a smart consumer, we need to know how to operate machine properly and follow using instructions of Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6, which is guided by Maizota’s experienced technical staffs.

To ensure the effectiveness and durability of Daikin MCK55TVM6, we should check and clean periodically its filters in order to remove dust on membrane and inside, so that fresh airflow is circulated more effectively and durability of product also lasts longer. Besides, because of being a humidifier, we should filled water into tank frequently, which helps avoid interruption while operating machine and achieve the highest efficiency.

Moreover, cleaning periodically inlet, outlet will also helps machine operate more effectectively. However, customer can contact to phone number 0931.288.288 in case of that you need to be consulted how to clean each filters, our technical staffs are willing to support customer in the best way.

Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6, which is capable of cleaning applicable area of up to 41m2, especially with its completely different design and good-looking, durable operation, is genuinely distributed by Maizota. For further information about product or how to purchase Genuine Daikin air purifier MCK55TVM6 constantly updated on website: Airpurifier.com.vn.


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