Electrolux Dehumidifier is one of the leading products in air moisture control from Sweden. Electrolux dehumidifiers are used effectively at home, office or in areas where needing tobe controlled moisture in order to protect property as well as human health.

Electrolux is well known for home appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators with good quality and used in many countries around the world. Equipped with a team of technicians and specialists in the field of dehumidifiers, Electrolux has brought European-style dehumidifier with efficiency and durability.

In the list of dehumidifier brands in Vietnam market, Electrolux dehumidifier created a deep impression with user by designs of “understanding consumer” thanks to the aesthetics and friendliness and easily use.

Electrolux Dehumidifiers is intergrated with cooler and condensing technology to control humidity. With this technology, air with high humidity enters into cooler, where the water vapor condenses into liquid drops, falls into trays, then is released into environment. Nowadays, this technology is the most popular in dehumidifying. However, with this Euro technology, these dehumidifiers are made  from special materials, thus high performance dehumidification is better than  normal equipment.

Electrolux Dehumidifier has multiple levels of power fitting for many different areas needing to reduce humidity and helps consumers to have more choices. At present, the desiccant models are well-received not only in Vietnam but also in many countries over the world.

Dehumidifiers is imported from Sweden and distributed in Maizota system. Moisture control models are warrantied along with customer services and technical support throughout using process and bring peace of mind and confidence for consumer during many years.

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