As a pioneer in the air filtration field on Vietnam market, with the valuable experiences in many years from serving customers, Maizota truly mades hightlight impressions not only by our position but also by conscientious orientation through high-quality products along with high performance that helps to protect human health from air pollution.

Honeywell – one of the the world’s leading brands from the United States, is not only well-known for strong group in space field, smart home…but also it is high-end product. As unit distributes Honeywell air purifier in Vietnam, Maizota is so proud of being authorized distributor of Honeywell in Vietnam.

Thank to love, the trust and companion from customers, Maizota is reaching nearer to our target: Bring clean air to every family in Vietnam. Certaintly, it is a great motivation that helps Maizota along with Honeywell Vietnam to protect human health.

As a sincere gratitude along with stimulus strategy for the end of year and the Lunar New Year 2019 coming, Honeywell cooperates with Maizota bringing customers a set of food containers (3 pieces) Lock & Lock which worths 300.000 vnd. It is very useful for each family.

This program is applied from 1st November, 2018 to 28th February, 2019 (or till the our gifts are out of stock). When buying any Honeywell air purifier at Maizota, customers is presented a set of food containers (3 pieces), which is wrapped by keeping warm bag. Let’s go to Maizota Showrooms to have experience and bring air purifier with attractive gifts.

        To know more information about promotion program or be consulted by full-experience staffs from our Maizota to get the most suitable air purifier, customer can visit our website: or contact via hotline: 0938.288.288.