Many people do not know what the difference between a HEPA filter and a normal furnace (media) filter because many products on the internet or in stores claim to be “HEPA rated” or “HEPA type” filters.” What the term HEPA means and how about its structure as well as how to remove not only large size dust particles but also superfine particles is always concern questions to anyone, who first learned about Hepa filter or air purifier.  This article will help you in answering above questions and spotting true Genuine Hepa Filter.

What is a Hepa filter? What is the function of Hepa Filter?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and consists of extremely small fibers with diameter from 0.2 μm to 2 μm, which is composed of a mat-like material that have fibers randomly arranged. They are designed to “seek out” pollutants such as dirt, bacteria, pollens, molds and smaller particles with over 0.3 μm in diameter. In that way, size of PM2.5 (2.5 micrometers) is much bigger than PM0.3.

According to study of scientists from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane City, Australia, a true HEPA filter must be able to filter 99.9% of all contaminates that is at least 0.3 microns in diameter out of the air that means small diameter to PM 0.3 μm.

The first HEPA filter that was ever introduced was in 1940, in America for the Manhatten Project to help reduce the spread of airborne radioactive contaminates. Over time HEPA filters have changed many times to meet the demands of improving air quality in medical or aeronautical applications as wel as air filtration field. It is certain that HEPA filter still is an important tool to bring fresher air for everyone.

With these useful features, the Hepa filter has been using extensively in air filtration field. It is installed for most of all air purifiers and plays an indispensable part of any household air purifier or industrial air purifier.

Accordance with parameters are recognized and recorded in October 2016, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, air pollution situation was caused by PM2.5 just lower than Beijing’s, China, so Hepa filter will be a nescessary item to us in the near future.

Operating principles and application of Genuine Hepa Filter

It is connection with thick density between synthetic fibers that Genuine Hepa Filter can prevent particles from passing through such as molds, bacteria, pollens, 0.3 µm-untra fine-dust (1 µm = 0,001mm, or 1mm = 1000 µm). So, dangerous PM2.5 (2,5 µm) is retained by Hepa filter.

Nowadays, this useful Hepa filter is used in many different fields: industrial, medical, marine, laboratory…and especially in human spaces, where Hepa membranes are installed such as car, hospitals, laboratories, food and medical equipment storage and special fitting more on air purifiers.

By widespread application of Hepa filter, it are also known for many diffierent names as dirt filter, clean room filter, hospital membrane filter, laboratory filter…and the most popular name is Air Purifier Filter.

Instruction of How to purchase genuine Hepa Filter

In fact,“Air purifier” and “Hepa filter” are concepts that are always mentioned together. Moreover, this filter is to mainly meet requirement of repalcement for broken filters with a small quantity for ventilators, laboratories or even buy them to self-build air purifiers for use.

To choose Hepa filter as desire, firstly we need to determine the dimension because of difference in length, width, height to each model. Then you should prioritize to find genuine filters from manufacturer for replacing model at Air Purifier Supermarkets, World Air Purifier Centers or authentic stores.

On the current market, with popular filters such as Sharp Hepa filter, Panasonic Hepa filter, Coway Hepa filter, Hitachi Hepa filter, Honeywell, Cuckoo, Electrolux… and diverse origins and mainly made from Japan, Korea, China,…you also should call in advance for specific advice in order to guarantee qualilty.

With popular average life expectancy in 2 years or even up to 10 years for other kinds, we should check and consider replacing them after 1 year of use because of difference of replacement filter time that depends on the pollution level of environment and intensity of machine use. Especially, Hepa filters impregnated with anti-bacterial and molds agent should be used to bring the best effect.

If you need to buy a cheap Hepa filter, you can find the less expensive Hepa filters without origin. However, these filters can not guarantee as a standard filter that is capale of filtering 0.3 μm in diamter and the usage time is also much shorter than that of high-quality hepa filter.

Where to buy genuine hepa filter and Second-hand Japan Genuine Hepa Filter

With the explosion of air purifiers on current market with various sizes and designs that can meet strictest requirements and differnt areas, there are hepa filters corresponding forms and styles.

But in fact, fully equipping knowledge and information on Hepa filter are not popular with everyone, so sometimes we choose untruly product or clean wrongly as instructions or lose effect of hepa filter.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to buy Hepa filter on the market because there are many places selling this product from amateur to professional suppliers. However, it is not easy to know where to get good quality products.

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