Honeywell Car Air Purifier HAPC15GC010506B

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Honeywell Car Air Purifier HAPC15GC010506B is manufactured by Honeywell corporation, which  is a leading brand in United States for technology presented in Vietnam in early 2018. This is the first air purifier model for car. Honeywell HAPC15GC010506B exudes elegance from first sight and it also can filter PM2.5 with Hepa filter, deodorize and stirilize bactericidal. The genuine Honeywell products are distributed at the supermarket.

Dust Filtering, Deodorizing your car of Honeywell HAPC15GC010506B

Car air purifier is a steadily interesting device and have great demand in today’s life, especially in the face of increasing air pollution. Because the interior of the car is very complex with small narrow space and fresh air circulation from outside is limted. Thus, it is easy to cause odors, dirt, stuffines. Currently, Honeywell brand from the United States with its range of air purifiers, especially car air purifiers has been offering a new “dust filter, deodorizer”. Hence how effective is the Honeywell Car Air Purifier ?
Holding in hand and exploring the Honeywell HAPC15GC010506B model full box make you feel like a new iphone fullbox with the refinement not only on the product but also the packaging. Going inside, you can easily see the special different features of HAPC15 that is the membrane filtration system if comparing to other car air filtration devices in the market. If other brands on the market do not have Hepa filter, carbon filter … or only have prefilter, which can not filter fine dust particles, air filter from Honeywell is integrated with both Hepa filter and membrane filter can remove these dust and provide excellent air filtration with 3 layers-filter.

Perhaphs, a lot of people have demonstrated the use of dust as well as the filtration method of the Hepa filter and activated carbon. However, it is a nesscessary to re-emphasize that the car air filter HAPC15GC010506B can block almost 100%  dust from the large to the superficial, unpleasant odors from food or air condition…bringing fresh air for your car and safe for user’s health.

Strength of Honeywell Air Purifier HAPC15GC010506B

Honeywell Air Purifier HAPC15GC010506B for car is equipped with United States air filter technology and operate efficiency with special durability during time of using. An interest point in the company’s product line is the simple design but still very subtle and beautiful. Color of HAPC15GC010506B model is luxuriously black, not only easy to place on a car dashboard or can be hung behind a chair with small space but also suitable for most interior space of the different car manufacturers in current market.

Thanks to four- meter power cord’s length is up to 4 meters, so user can install in different places on the car as desired or even if you want to hide cord parts under floorboards to ensure aesthetics. HAPC15GC010506B is equipped with the hygienic warning function for membrane, which remindes user periodically clean in order to maximize filtration capacity.

With a large inlet at the top, fresh air is blowed  from both sides. Thus, this car air purifier ensures maximum dust removed for car and avoids dust cling on the surface of product like other air filters in the current market.

Using and purchasing Honeywell Car Air Purifier HAPC15GC010506B

Honeywell HAPC15GC010506B provides efficiency in filtering air and deodorizing for car space. However, in order to ensure the effectivency and promote the best effect of the machine, users need to clean the air membrane of the machine periodically. With the HAPC15GC010506B filter, users should avoid water and liquid detergent in order reduce damage to membrane structure. User can use vacuum cleaner or brush to remove dust on surface of filter and continue to use normally machine.

With highly operating ability and being able to meet requirements of air filter and deodorant for a long time, HAPC15GC010506B is a good air purifier which should be used for car, especially in case that pollution level is strongly increasing

The using of HAPC15GC010506B for car from Honeywell brand not only helps clean the dirt but also protects user’s health, generate fresh air and keep our beloved car from dust.

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