Honeywell air purifier F95S

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  • Genuine Honeywell
  • New 100%
  • Applicable area 150m2
  • Warranty 24 months
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Being ranked in “top products” list of United States, Honeywell air purifier F95S with US brand, which can clean a large space of 150 m2 and mostly prevent from PM2.5, toxic volatile organic compounds and bacteria in the air, truly brings a completely new concept of air cleaning equipment. Honeywell F95S is genuinely and exclusively distributed in Maizota.

Honeywell F95S with outstanding capability of extremely cleaning air

Mentioning“Honeywell”, we are referring to a leading United States brand with a wide range of cutting-edge businesses such as including space technology, oil and gas, smart house and especially “Honeywell air purifier”. As one of the best outstanding air purifiers, Honeywell F95S is truly hero who can stop the negative impacts on human being of air pollution and bring fresh air, safety for us to live and work.

With powerful engine and capability of producing suction force, Honeywell air purifier F95S can absorb strongly dirts and impurities. Whereas its durability is prolonged and efficiency of purifiying air is still ensured thank to be made from materials such as stainless steel and high-class plastic.

Honeywell air purifier F95S is capable of supplying a large mount of fresh air with air volume reaching to 1130m3/h along with various levels of fan speeds. Especially with area of 150 m2, instead of using many machines possessing low power, you just need one machine, thus you can save your space and expense with maximum effeciency during use.

Honeywell F95S not only is trully choice bringing a breakthrough in large-scale air filtration but also extremely suitable for projects such as offices, commercial centers, gyms, hospitals, entertainment and public areas bringing the freshness and safety.

Smart operation along with high-performance multilayer composite membranes of Honeywell F95S

Honeywell air purifier F95S not only can meet almost demand of cleaning air but also effectively purify air follow as four steps, which ensure that the polluted air is removed during ventilizing air. Besides, because of being intergrated with Hepa Filter, this machine can prevent PM2.5, PM0.3 and odors, smokes, bacteria thanks to carbon filter.

Honeywell air purifier F95S with large-capacity is featured 8 inch touch-screen that displays detailly indexs of PM2.5, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, so that it is very convenient, simple and smart for us to use. In fact, the feeling of controlling F95S is much more impressive than other machines because almost of its operations is automatically designed in order to decrease human labor.

Moreover Honeywell F95S for industrial purpose from United States brand also is featured super-sensitive air quality sensors, which allows machine to perform accurately air quality index for users. Thank to this, air quality of breath air in your room is always ensured for user to make reasonable adjustments.

The ability to record air pollution data within last 12 hours in your room is one of the highlight points of this machine. In fact, rarely can air purifier in the world do this. This is very convenient for avoiding air pollution and make suitable adjustments in order to bring fresh and safe for living space.

Purchasing genuine air purifier Honeywell F95S with long-term warranty and technical support

The Honeywell air purifier F95S can clean area of 150 m2 with ability to effectively and purify thanks to membrane electrostatics and ultra-smooth air flow from fan with 10-year-durabililty. Moreover, UV filters and HEPA filters with 2-year-durability also make Honeywell F95S meet the needs of user.

Currently, Honeywell F95S is genuinely distributed by Maizota’s showrooms for the whole nation. With warranty policy (2 years) and maintance from technical staffs of Maizota, customer will be always accompanied during use, so that efficiency and expenses are also maximizedly saved for user.

All information about Honeywell F95S is constantly updated on website In order to recieved the quickest promt, please contact us via phone number: 0931 288 288.



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