Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G

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  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine Honeywell
  • New 100%
  • Applicable area 42m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G is not only manufactured by USA technology but also is equipped with HEPA & HiSiv dual filter that help remove Formaldehyd, foul odors and volatile organic compounds. Honeywell HAC30M1301G is used for space up to 42 m2 bringing fresh air to your living and working space and safety for human health.

The exclusive HiSiv filter of Honeywell HAC30M1301G

Honeywell air purifier is well-known as a leading brand in United States and being applied the latest air filtration technologies that make durable and high performance models with high quality. The products of Honeywell brand have aesthetically which is suitable for variety of different interior spaces, so that it received a lot of credibility from consumers in United States as well as in many countries around the world.

Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G is equipped with HEPA & HiSiv dual filter. Besides the Hepa filter brings high ability to filter dust, molds…even over-0.3 micrometer-diameter dust that has relatively cleaned amount of air circulating in your room, HiSiv filter membrane which helps remove toxic gases and volatile organic compounds causing harmness for human health is also integrated.

Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G

About special HiSiv membrane, this is an organic molecular sieve consisting of silica and hydrophobic molecules that imported from United States. They are very useful to maximizing the ability to absorb formaldehyde and adapt to variety spaces. Moreover, the CTOX catalyst is also added, which helps decompose formaldehyde and prevent dispersion of air.

Strength of Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G

Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G is bronze color with simple appearance but extremely sophisticated, effective and unboring, so the machine has met requirements for different interiors and hobbies of users. Beside effectiveness of machine, this is also one of the reasons that makes the product become more popular over the world in current market.

With the ability to warn ultra-fine PM 2.5 in air through numbers on LCD screen along with different lock modes which is easy to adjust by touch sensitivity, this  is the big plus points of HAC30M1301G. Simultaneously, throughout ability of friendly interaction with users and bringing feeling safe and comfort when operating, this device is ideal choice for customers.


The HAC30M1301G is equipped with sensitive air quality sensor that alerts for user to the level of air pollution in your room, so there are suitable speed adjustment of operation on the touch panel. In addition, another highlight feature of this device is to lie in the super quite operation. In fact, noise figure is just in the range of 38 to 63 dB with 4 speeds from low to high level. Moreover, the machine is equipped with sleep mode which is extremely quiet. This is not absolutely harmful to human health and can be used in quiet environments such as bedroom, work room or clinic.

About using Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G

Honeywell air purifier HAC30M1301G is very useful for cleaning and improving air quality in living space. However, in order to ensure the effectiveness during use, users should periodically clean or maintain.


Membrane is the most important part of the Honeywell air purifier. With HEPA & HiSiv dual filter, we should only use vacuum cleaner, brush or other mechanical manipulation to remove dirt on surface of filters periodically every two weeks and avoid washing membrane by water because it can break the structure and reduce ability to filter of membrane.

However, users do not need to be too worried because of its high durable filters and during use, the HAC30M1301G will alert exactly the time of cleaning for each inner filter. In addition,  in case that customer needs to replace filters, Maizota is always available to ensure efficiency in using machine.

Honeywell HAC30M1301G air purifier is genuine distributed by Maizota, a leading air purifier company and warranted by official warranty centers of manufacturer for whole nation. The device actually has met the strictest filtering requirements and provived long-term health benefits to user. All information about Honeywell air purifiers is updated continuously at


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