Honeywell Air Purifier HAC35M1101G

15,300,000 VNĐ 13,500,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine Honeywell
  • New 100%
  • Applicable area 42m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Honeywell Air Purifier HAC35M1101G with applicable area of 42m2 and ability of filtering ultra fine dust, molds, bacteria. Especially, this product is equipped with patented HiSiv filter with unique honeycomb design that removes formaldehyde, toxic gases and odors …Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G is a world-famous brand in United States imported and distributed by Maizota air purifier supermarket.

Strength of Honeywell Air Purifier HAC35M1101G

Honeywell Air Purifier is a product line of Honeywell Corporation that specializes in developing fields highly demanding technologies such as aerospace, petrochemical, intelligent house…and especially air cleaning equipment. Air Touch HAC35M1101G is one of the air purifiers models inheriting state-of-the-art technological advances from United States, which provides air quality control superior tool and  was proved efficicency in laboratory experiments as well as actual usage.

Honeywell air purifier HAC35M1101G brand USA is very high quality with elegant champagne yellow and honeywell iridescent logo, furthermore the design is simple, refined to the small details to help the product. This filter is preferred and suitable for many different types of interior space. It also has the ability to report cleaning and replacement of filters for different filter layers, which makes it easier and easier for users to use.

With 07 different operating levels corresponding to 07 fan speeds and being adjusted through touchscreen that make the interaction between user and machine become more simple. In addition, user can to adjust operating speed of machine in order to ensure air quality, safety and human health thanks to the sensitivity to alert air pollution.

Honeywell Air Purifier HAC35M1101G

HAC35M1101G is capable of self-locking when machine is tilted or spilled as operating, so the operation is not only safer for your family and children and reduces damage  possibility  to machine but also ensure equipment’s durability.

Ability to purify dust and deodorizing of Honeywell HAC35M1101G

Honeywell HAC35M1101G is caple of cleaning dirts, molds or micro-organisms which harms to human health. Besides, the ability to remove toxic formaldehyde or other Volatile organic compounds which are harmful for respiratory system is the main outstanding point of this model. To get these abilities, filtration membranes such as Hepa membrane filters and advanced HiSiv filters of with high durability of HAC35M1101G play an important role.

If we are very familiar with prefilter and Hepa filters that specilizies in preventing small dust, ultra fine dust PM2.5 or mold, “HiSiv filter”is quite new concept for user. The HiSiv filter is an organic molecular sieve with silica and hydrophobic molecules imported from Uinted States, which absorbs maximum formaldehyde harming for human. Along with adding CTOX catalyst, HAC35M1101G easily decompose formaldehyde and avoid dispersal in the environment.


Cleaning and Purchasing Honeywell  Air Purifier HAC35M1101G

For HEPA filters and HiSiv filters of Honeywell HAC35M1101G to work well, become more durable and make efficiency in filtering, users should focus on cleaning the membrane filter periodically about once every two weeks. Depending on composition of air filter membranes that have different cleaning methods. Users also need to carefully look for related information before manipulating that helps avoid damaging or destroying membrane structure and causing to reduce purification air ability.

For having more experiences about effect of Honeywell air purifier, we can visit Maizota’s showrooms nationwide with prompt guidance and consultation from technical staff to get best products which are suitable for your needs and purposes. All products are genuine warranted by warranty centers of the manufacture for the whole nation. Especially  customers will be maitained by during use.

Genuine Honeywell air purifier HAC3 is used for a variety spaces such as residents area, office and public spaces and can meet the strictest requirements of user.

All information about HAC35M1101G air purifier products as well as promotion programs of Maizota is updated continuously on website and


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