Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W

17,900,000 VNĐ 15,800,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine Honeywell
  • New 100%
  • Applicable area 63m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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If you are looking for an efficient air purifier with good performance and capability of removing fomaldehyde, PM2.5 and especially can use for large space of 63m2, perhaphs Honeywell HAC45M1022W – a product with modern technology of United States is one of the most outstanding products. Honeywell HAC45M1022W is completedly built-up and imported genuine and distributed at Maizota air purifier supermarket.

Air purifying ability of Honeywell HAC45M1022W

Honeywell air purifier in general and HAC45M1022W model in particular (which can be used for civil or industrial purpose) is well-known for its ability to clean air and aesthetics design. Moreover, this product is manufactured by  famous brand with high-technology in variety fields such as aerospace, intelligent house management, petrochemical refining and home appliances, etc. Nowadays, Honeywell air purifier is increasingly becoming more popular in  fastidious markets like United States and China, one of the most polluting nations in the world and available in Vietnam.

Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W

With being manufactured by high-technology from United States, Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W consists of Carbon filter and Hepa filter with HiSiv technology, which helps optimize efficiency in purifying air as our desire. If prefilter is the outside layer that prevents large dust, dander, etc., the two internal membrane filters can help to prevent other pollutants in air.

Hepa filter integrated with Molecular Sieve HiSiv from Honeywell allows device to remove dirts including super dust like PM 0.3, molds or pathogenic bacteria, especifically toxic fomaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds. Therefore, human health and living space become safer and fresher.


Outstanding of Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W

Being designed by famous brand from United States, Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W attracts user by good-looking with simplicity but refined, powerful and luxurious… All these features bring harmony and meet demand for aesthetic and also very suitable for different interior spaces.

Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W is designed with 07 wind levels suiting for user needs. However, this machine operates smoothly with the actual noise figure from 23 to 55 dB, which is completely safe for human health. In addition, this HAC45M1022W is equipped with intelligent and sensitive air quality sensor along with all parameters and manipulations of user is shown on touch panel, so the device is easily operates and user can easily adjust as desire.

You are secured with safety than ever by not only ability to operate effectively and excellently purify but also especially the HAC45M1022W has the ability to automatically turn off power source when machine is fallen or tilted. Only high-end machines is integrated this smart function.

Instead of dismantling the air-inlet as usual to replace filter or check the filter, HAC45M1022W which is integrated flexible couplings that are first applied for air purifier in Vietnam still easily executed without dismantling. Moreover, compared to some products on current air purifier market, the casing of machine is painted with high-tech UV-resistant coatings that helps prevent  machine fading color and become more durabile during use.

Applications of Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W

With ability to clean air on 63m2 space, Honeywell can meet the need of cleaning air in large rooms such as offices, villas , meeting rooms, hospitals or schools…and also completedly meet strictest requirements of user.

HAC45M1022W air purifier, a United States brand with operating smoothly, quietly and intelligently thanks to high technology applications for products that brings success in completing product at high level.

Honeywell Air Purifier HAC45M1022W is warrantied long-term by warranty centers of manufacture for the whole nation, along with purchase incentives and accurate technical support policies during use. This bring peace of mind and confidence for consumers when buying at Maizota air purifier supermarket.

All information about HAC45M1022W air purifier products as well as promotion programs of Maizota is updated continuously on website and also can contact via phone number: 0931 288 288 or hotline:  1900 1563 (free) from Honeywell Vietnam for consulting.


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