Perhaphs, when purchasing any goods, everyone also hopes to get the products which meet quality requirements and air purifier is not over rule case.

Choosing air purifier base on room area.

Being a valued product for our daily life in protecting human health from air polllutants rapidly increasing, air purifier become more popular in the big cities like Hanoi, Hochiminh…

Which air purifier is the best? Maybe using effectively is the accurate method for us to measure whether machine is good or not. Besides, to choose indoor air purifier which operate well, users pay atention to ability to meet the demand of your own space.

According to technical experts, who are fullfilled experiences with air purifier, we should choose machines with operating capacity is bigger than our room area because does it not only reach the highest efficiency but also prolong the lifetime of machine. This is one of the most important points for users to choose air purifier.

Choosing air purifier by basing on functions of machine

Depending on used space as bedroom, living room, working room…, we should choose machine with equivalent functions. Each brand has different integrated features, so that we should have the list of functions in order to make accurate decision in choosing machine.

The climate in our country has changed dramatically among the seasons in the year.
Instead of having only two seasons as rainy and sunny season in a year like Southern, in   Northern there are four distinct seasons. As common cases, the air in our room is dry along with polluted, air purifier with humidifying fuction is the ideal choice for user. However, in contrast to the wet weather, the filter air humidifier brings the highest efficiency for you.

Besides the important functions like cleaning air and being modern equipment with high technology, ability to natural humidify, dehumidify or generate ion also is one of the basic criterias in choosing machine.

We should choose air purifier meeting demand of using requirment

Depending on requirement of controling air quality in our room, each manufacturer has different advantages in order to adapt with each condition in deodorizing, humidifying or dehumidifying.
Sharp, Hitachi, Panasonic, Coway, Honeywell… are the key players in air purifier field and
well-known for its efficiency during operating and cleaning the air. With being integrated advanced technology, genuine air purifier truly brings fresh living space for human being.

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