Dehumidifiers are extremely effective and useful for human being, especially during the rainy season. Not only does it help control moisture in the air but also protects the health from plloutants and creates the most comfortable living space. How to use properly dehumidifier? This question will be detailedly answered by technical staff from Maizota here.

Whenever the air is wet, should dehumidifier is used?

Our Vietnam is monsoon tropical country, so the average anual rainfall is high. In this favorable condition, bacteria, molds, viruses develop rapidly and cause many diseases, thus dehumidifier is concerned by users.

In fact, we always use dehumidifier whenever it is wet that wastes electricity and reduces life expectancy. Moreover, our human body becomes tired and focusing ability reduces, so that is not certain good for us to use dehumidifier anytime it is wet.

The suitable moisture level that is good for human health to work is from 55 to 65%. In fact, humidity in the air is up and down equipvalent to the time. So, how should we use dehumidifier to achieve the best efficiency?

Choosing suitable dehumidifier with reasonable price

Current, dehumidifiers in the market are so diverse from styles, brands to smart functions. However, the most important thing that you should choose dehumidifiers which is truly suitable for your room area and needs. This is the prerequisite condition for us to operate effectively our machines.

For example, with our room area is about 20 m2 , choosing dehimidifier with functions that can meet requirement is the wisdom and smartest because they are accumulated by technical experts from infact.

Users also should pat attention on functions or features integrated in the machine, even ability to sterilize, odorize or clean air… that protect user’s health with the most efficiency.

How to use properly dehumidifier?

Using properly does not only help to maximize the efficiency but also save electricity and prolong life expectancy for mahine. However, it is not everyone that have experiences and know how to use properly dehumidifier in order to achieve the goos results.

With models that can set humidity, users should install humid at the suitable level (60%) for usual space or we can adjust the humidity down to lower level (40 – 50%). Besides, automatic mode also brings effects to user because of its saving power function. It is very useful for us to use dehumidifier.

Users should also put machine in the rooom in order to prevent the wind from ouside because it does not only dehumidify effectively but also save power and prolong lifetime of machine. With fulllfilled experiences accumulated through many years, it is certain that you will be consulted carefully by Maizota tecnical staffs about how to use properly dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier truly provide a safe and healthy living space for users, especially in the rainy months with high humidity.To know more information about dehumidifier in particular or the air purifier in generally, please visit our website: or you aslo contact us via phone number 0931.288.288 to consult as soon as possible.