Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000

850,000 VNĐ

  • Including 10% VAT
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Support technique in using time.
  • Replace accessories, air filter as your required.
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Sale Information

Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000 helps to compensate natural moisture for air as well as your living space to protect human health, especially for children, elders and those with respiratory diseases. Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000 is completedly built-up imported from Japan and distributed directly at Maizota air purifier supermarket

Functions of Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000    

-Create moisture, add and compensate natural moisture for air

-Helps to balance the moisture in the living space

Specifications of Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000    

-Model No: EP-A6000

-Color: Orange

-Life expectancy: 02 years (24 months)

-Origin: completedly built-up and imported from Japan to Vietnam

-Packaging: 1 carton, 1 set of membrane, guiding book

-Material: special fabrics with ability to hydrate

-Attached accessories: Water tray

Instruction of Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000    

-Clean entire machine before installing new filter

-Cut out plastic bag for wind pass through filter

-Periodically clean membrane or if filter is detected to be trapped in order to ensure efficency of humidifying.

-Can be cleaned with water.

Purchasing Humidifying Filter of Hitachi EP-A6000    

Currently, there are many places selling Hitachi Humidifier EP-A6000 but consumers should refer carefully and select products at prestige places. At Maizota air purifier supermarket, we specializes in distributing air purifiers and accessories imported completedly from Japan. All information about the product as well as promotion programs are constantly updated on website


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