By comparison with household appliances, Industrial air purifier is a relatively new concept in Vietnam, because of the difficulty in choosing customersoures due to the high capacity. On the other hand, industrial air purifier has not been attached importance by enterprise and investor properly.

It is definitely taken a certain time and progress of production for each type of machinery to deployed into living, production. This is showed plainly through the use of steam engines and internal combustion engines in industrial production in the world.

With above rules, industrial air purifiers also need time and a certain development path. First, it must depend on the size of workshop system. Second, it also depends on the product characteristics and level requirement of air quality at the production site. Third, it must be based on the consciousness of each business in keeping the common environment.

The biggest difference between home purifier and industrial air purifier is the capacity of machine because the industrial air filtration system usually has a strong capacity of cleaning. It can be dozens of times stronger than civil air purifier. The industrial air purifier often has less features, even only focuses on PM10; PM2.5 or ordors, molds …

On the other hand, the filter system must meet the large space leading to high production cost along with complex machine structure. This also is a barrier to large-scale air purifiers if it is widely used.

Nowadays, Industrial Air Purifier has a wide variety of applications: air purifiers for large office, food preservatives from molds, dirt, odors,bacteria…General purpose of these applications is that to clean air and  improve labor productivity, preserve the product for long time and reduce damage.

Current, there are many types of air purifiers for industry field: Honeywell, Airocide (from USA), Sharp, Hitachi (Japan), Coway (Korea), Gia phong (Vietnam). To select the most efficient machine, you should base on the operating capacity of plant and requirements of production as well as the factory and office.

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