Maizota One Member Company Limited-True Specialist in the air filtration field


Maizota One Member Company Limited is a major player specializing in distributing air cleaning equipment, especially air purifiers. With the desire in contributing to raise community health, simultaneously helping all Vietnamese families to have the best air conditions to live and work, at once from the beginning, doing business in air purification field became the business orientation of Maizota. The business filed can help many people gain a sense of well-being as well as clean air to breathe while still obtains business benefits. The target of Maizota is to become the great brand specialist and leading distributors in the air filtration filed in Vietnam.
Maizota Showroom

Throughout operation, the “Air Purifier Specialist” slogan is always accompanied by Maizota as an affirmation and effort goal of entire board of directors and are being improved each day by Maizota members, which brings the highest considerateness, understanding and whole-hearted to customers.

Maizota History

Maizota One Member Company Limited was officially established on January 22nd, 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Over the years, the company has developed rapidly from only a Showroom in the capital Hanoi in initial stage and currently many showrooms is being constantly expanded in big cities, which best meets the customers’demand and helps protect their health and family in the facing of increasingly polluted air.


Currently, Maizota became the largest distributor of some famous brands such as Coway, Sharp, Panasonic, three out of four largest air purifier brands in Vietnam today.

Thank to this trust and respect that Maizota is also a good choice for visiting of the domestic and international delegations: Coway Director, Executive Director of Global Coway, Panasonic engineers, who designed air purifiers), professor of Seoul Korean University and other domestic distribution partners.

Moreover, the Maizota brand has become a reliable consltantancy source for VTV (Vietnam National Television), VTC, InfoTV … broadcast live programs. air pollution in Vietnam and other scientific methods or production of scientific and technical programs on air pollution in Vietnam.

Corporate Customers:

Samsung Group, Lotte Vietnam, AEON Supermarket, FPT Corporation, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Gaspetrolimex Group, Baovietbank, Vietcombank …. and thousands of other domestic and foreign companies and organizations.

Goverment agencies and Institutional Clients:

Vietnam National Assembly House (including the president and vice-president); Government inspector; Intelligence Bureau; Ministry of Defense … together with many other central and local agencies, Embassy of the United States, Embassy of Canada, New zealand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, Niko Hotel, international school, British Council in Vietnam … and many other organizations.

In addition, we also build and maintain relationships with partners and agents in the same field to share and develop the common market.

Maizota believes that co-operation and development together is a long-term step on the way to serve dear customers. We also constantly build and strengthen cooperative relationships with partners in the same field to share and develop the common market.

In order to achieve such above achievements, we have been concentrating on expanding customer sources, simultaneously customers are always considered as core center for us to improve service, quality from marketing to after-sales service.

The award that Maizota has achieved

Throughout the past years, with endless effort and distribution to community health, we always try our best to help customers choose the best cleaning solution with the lowest cost. Thus, Maizota not only has received the trust, love from customers, but also had the great opportunity to cooperate and sign bilateral agreements with large brands as well as strong units such as Sharp, Panasonic, Honeywell, Hitachi, Coway …All these ones are the leading brands over the world today not only in the field of Air Purifier field but also in the high-technology level.

Company Personnel 

With advantages of leading market and strengths in breaking out air purifier fields from 2013, Maizota has been building high-experienced engineers and technical staffs who helps support and consult for thousands of customers in the whole nation.

Maizota brings fresh air, enthusiasm and ceaseless growth with the solid spirit, learning and continuous effort of each member that helps us best meet the technology, actual requirements, even smallest demands of customers.

Besides, in order to constantly improve the professional level and technical knowledge to serve the consumers, Maizota organized and exchanges experiences with delegations of engineer and market research specialists from Sharp, Panasonic, Coway Groups and other research professors from Seoul University.

In addition, Maizota regularly dispatches staffs, engineers to visit, learn and survey regional markets and the leading technology countries on air purifier field such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan ….

Maizota’s Strength

Maizota is so proud of being a dynamic team with a lot practical experiences and always aiming to the same goal that is to bring fresh air to every family. Morover, our leading advantages help us retain a lot of experiences and relationships with manufacturers, hence Maizota’s products are guaranteed and supported by the best customer-service.

Choicing Maizota, surely you will be enthusiastically consulted and ensured accuracy of information, then the highest efficiency with the best cost are brought for customer. This is not only one time but also our long-term commitment by the leading and specialized unit in the air filter field.

In Maizota, we always consider that this is good environment for all members to participate to contribute to society by helping customer and improving quality of living environment and make it better. It is also a good chance for our staffs to confirm themselves and succeed in life by positive contribution for society.

This is also an ideal environment for your partners to coordinate with Maizota system to raise public awareness in protecting our living environment and creating a safe space for whole our family and loved ones through leading products used all over the world. Thank to this, we are constantly being successful and developing in potential markets like Vietnam.

As a pioneer of air furifier field, Maizota owns a professional staffs with large extensive distribution and display network in the air purifier field in Viet Nam. Moreover, we have the trust, love and support from dear customers, partners which are great motivation for us to contribitue to enhance healthy community.