Panasonic Humidifying air purifier F-VXL70

15,500,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 51m2
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Made in Japan
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Sale Information

Japanese Domestic Air Purifiers are well-known for its smooth operation, high durabilty along with ability to generate natural humid and clean effectively the air… It is also smart features of Panasonic Humidifying air purifier F-VXL70 made in Japan. It is genuinely distributed by Maizota for the whole nation.

The high-class comes from Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXL70

Whenever reffering to Genuine Panasonic air purifier, we usually think about  its durabilty with Nanoe technology and ability to deodorize, or even humidify natural moisture into the air. As the same air purififer model, Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXL70 is desired and expected to possess alot by users. So, what are the reasons for this expectancy?

First of all, integrated Japanese technology is the first reason making it become famous over the world. We also certainly have our own judgments about advanced technology at this model. Rarely can any country apply these technologies for their products and get special achievements, even it can meet the restrictest demands of users.

In addition, Panasonic Humidifying air purifier F-VXL70 (Japanese Domestic Model) is also extremely durable. It also is one of the most famous features of Japanese domestic good through many years. Simultaneously, thank to the rigidity in manufacturing process along with the restrictest regulations for qualityrequirements, F-VXL70 can operate smoothly and minimize damages during using time.

By being integrated with the sensitive sensors such as dust, odor, brightness,  the F-VXL70 allows user to accurately operate with the highest efficiency. In fact, these sensors are so sensitive and easily detect pollutants, alert users to have suitable adjustments, hence the indoor air will be cleaned and become more comfortable.

The ability to effectively clean the air of F-VXL70 (Japanese Domestic Model)

Besides Nanoe technology from Panasonic, which is integrated for air purifier in general, F-VXL70 helps clean the air with the speed of 6.7m3/minute, remove PM2.5, molds, bacteria, viruses,…by high-class HEPA filter.
Only do the high class air purifiers possess these smart features.

One of the outstanding and remarkable features of the F-VXL70 is its high density of Carbon that helps deodorize and remove unpleasant smells in your  room. Moreover, it is also extremely modern with its applicable area of 51 m2.

With this model, due to capacibility of humidifying natural moisture for your room, so it is extremely safe and good for human health. It can be said that with humidifying ability, Panasonic F-VXL70 is truly useful for such families with children, elders and peple whom with respiratory. By this device, not only our respiratory system and all equipment in our room are always protected from pollutants but also it helps avoid being affected like other products without origin in the market.

More information you should know about Panasonic F-VXL70 (Japanese Domestic Model)

Not only does Panasonic F-VXL70 operate efficiently, durably and quietly with noise level from 18 to 54 dB but its design is also very eye-catching, modern that make the aesthetic appeal for machine. Due to this, device is also become perfect thing to decorate for my own house.

At current time, there are many places where Japanese domestic appliances including air purifiers were sold but the quality is not always assured. Being the largest distributor of genuine air purifiers from many well-known brands, our Maizota bring consumers the genuine Panasonic F-VXL70 model with the applicable warranty period (12 months). This only exists at the large units with long-term experience.

Panasonic Humididier Air Purifier F-VXL70 will definitely be the ideal choice and bring the fresh air for your family. 

Panasonic air purifiers in general and Panasonic F-VXL70 models in particular are distributed directly at Maizota’s showrooms in the whole nation. To know more information, please visit our website or directly contact via hotline: 0931.288.288



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