Portable ARIA air purifier

5,500,000 VNĐ 4,690,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine Aria
  • New 100%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Made in Japan
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For the first time in Viet Nam, Portable ARIA air purifier with headphone style is not only capable of purifying air, fashionable style but also very convenient for user to bring together anywhere in order to protect human health. Genuine Aria air purifier with Japan’s high-tech, useful and sophisticated design is distributed at Maizota airpurifier supermarket and official website: airpurifier.com.vn.

“Unique” Portable ARIA air purifier on the curent market

Nowadays, air purifiers are increasingly becoming more popular with consumers to cope with the negative effects of air pollution such as fumes, mold, bacteria, etc…on human health. Perhaph, we already know about line products of car air purifier, air purifier in bedroom or living room but about Aria Air Purifier With Headphone Style, it is not absolutedly popular and acquaintance with everyone. So, how unique is the Aria Air Purifier With Headphone Style?

Portable ARIA air purifier is a high technology product from Japan with high-grade and elaboration on product that created brand name is “made in sunrise land”. The machine shape is designed like a headphone. This is a big breakthrough in terms of technology as well as utility, “unprecedented” on the current market. Therefore, this product is not only effective device for human  health but also the owning machine can be considered as an interesting hobby.

Besides possessing capacibilty of purifying air, dust, odors, ect,…Genuine Aria air purifier is very unique with its special usage, which lies in headphone shape. Instead of being fixed stably air filter in a room or being hard to bring together, the Aria air purifier can be used anywhere, extremely fashionable different and can meet flexibly demands of consumers.

With this product, it is readily convenient for you to easily bring together when going out or exercising. In fact in Japan, Aria air filter is usually used by officers because of being concentrating crowded people place, its small space with suffocating while it is not certain that any offices are also equipped with air cleaning devices. Even it is supposed to be equipped, there is also can not guarantee 100 percentage of safety for themselves. Hence, Personal Aria Air Purifier is becoming more popular with everyone by both its aesthetics and convenient.

High-Class beauty and benefits of Aria air purifier

It is emphasized again that Portable ARIA air purifier is a “unprecedented and unique product” on air purifier market. It is developed and designed by Aria from Japan. Aria air purifier is beautifully designed with delicate pure white color along with elegant lines that help the machine possess the luxury as well as aesthetic. In addition, to this model one of the high-end features is its high adaptability to user thanks to ability to stretch  device with two adjustable steps in order to be suitable for all users from children to adults.

If common air purifiers are becoming acquainted with everyone, it is certain that users is will be attracted and overwhemled by its special shape with headphone style. Therefore, the Aria air purifier is not only a simple air purifier device but also perfom the personality of self-user. Even, it also can become a meaningful gift to protect health for your family or lovers.

As a highly efficient air purifier and deodorant, the Aria air purifier with Japan technology is integrated with a compact Hepa filter. It can be said that the breakthroughs in function as well as the design of air purifier Aria are smart features that are usually integrated and easily seen at high-end product with high-tech.

About purchasing Genuine Portable ARIA air purifier with headphone style

Presenting Aria air purifiers with headphone style for the first time in the Vietnamese market, Maizota is proud to bring this unique device to domestic consumers with desire of providing more high-quality products with convenience for community. Maizota air filter supermarket system has met needs of consumers as well as the strictest requirements.

In here, we distribute air purification products in general and Genuine Aria air purifier with headphone style in particular. When purchasing product at Maizota, customer is supported with our policies about purchasing and technical support that there is not many domestic units can do.

With its compact unique style and convenience, Genuine Aria air purifier from Japan is expected to lead the hot trend, bring new air purification standards for consumers and help users have more options that is suitable for purpose and needs.

For more information about models,  you can visit website airpurifier.com.vn or contact us directly via phone number: 0931 288 288.


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