Sharp Air Purifier DW-J27FV-S

10,990,000 VNĐ 9,800,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 67m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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By the end of 2018, a big surprise for users had been made by Sharp Humidifying and Air purifier DW-J27FV-S. It is consideded as high-end product with smart funtions and distributed by Maizota. Sharp DW-J27FV-S is integrated between cleaning air and dehumidifying.
Sharp DW-J27FV-S – Relocated the first world-class in Dehumidifying and Air purifier.

About Sharp DW-J27FV-S:

Sharp is always the first choice for anyone who has demanded about the above products since 2015. It is time the machines with cleaning air and dehumidifying integrated appeared in Vietnam.

Sharp DW-E16FA-W helps thousands of families save a lot of money because of its integrated funtions. We do not need to buy 2 machines for one room that make expense increase 50% more than room with Sharp DW-E16FA-W, even it also is saving-space thing for you to decorate your room. Although there are no competitors but with the spirit of always innovation, Sharp has launched Sharp DW-E16FA-W, the product is more improved than models of 2015. It is considered to be a outstanding and remarkable in cleaning and dehumidifying the air in current air polluted situation in Vietnam.


To know why Sharp DW-J27FV-S is such a worth buying product, let’s see the following features that has never had before in Vietnam:

High Power:

With a capacity of up to 27 liters per day, this means that the machine is capable of purifying the air and draining it to a standard room of up to 67m2, and of course rooms up to 20m2, 30m2 we can still use normal. Dehumidifying capacity in standard condition is up to 27l/day that means this machine can clean and dehumidify for 67m2- room area, so that the rooms with 20m2, 30m2 we certainly use to clean.

Application of modern technology:

Sharp DW-J27FV-S is improved and added some high-end functions:

  • – 4-sensor-system: Particle dust, odors, humid and  temperature. It helps detect pollutants or situation of the air to automatically give the optimal running speed. Thus, we can also control and obserb pollution indexs displayed on LCD.
  • – All pollution indexs are displayed on LCD screen like: PM 2.5, odors, humidity, temperature….This helps us know about air quality and polluted air situation in our room.
  • – Other useful features: This helps set up humidity, time as desire, children lock, clean and change filter indicator, indicator of full water, constant humidifying…..

Cleaning the air and sterilizing bacteria:

The Sharp DW-J27FV-S is equipped with a sensitivity sensor, along with  03 filter-system and exclusive Plasmacluster ion technology with density of up to 7000 ion/ cm3, thus bacteria and molds is removed throughly.
In addition, the machine also has deodorant mode to remove unpleasant and makes comfort for your room and cleaninng machine is also indicated periodly by its indicator.

Widely applied in human living:

Sharp DW-J27FV-S can be used in the living room, offices, storages for foods, funiture…
Besides, the machine is quite useful because it can dry clothes with deodoring from unpleasant smell that bring valued experince for users by Sharp device.

Modern design with its convenience:

Sharp DW-J27FV-S is  designed with luxurious colors along with LCD screen, which helps to display polltants indexs. Only with modern device can we see these smart features. The electrical buttons helps us to choose essential features: Filtering modes, speed, deodorizing mode,…

The machine is also equipped wheels that makes easily and safely move to another place..

Sharp DW-J27FV-S air purifier effectively has met applicable area up to 67m2 or can control humidity and extremely useful for living space of human being. Sharp DW-J27FV-S air purifier is genuinely distributed at the Maizota air purifier supermarket. Customer can visit our website: or contact via hotline: 0983.288.288.


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