Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B

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Sharp air purifier FP-J30E-B, which is inherited the Japanese air filter technology helps eliminate effectively odors from food, smoke, PM 2.5. Sharp FP-J30E-B purifies the air in bedrooms, living rooms, office…and provides the best living conditions for human health. The product is distributed at and

Strength of Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-B

Sharp air purifiers are very familiar to consumers over the world with the responsibility of filtering breathing air. In order to meet the demand of clean air in the country, Sharp launched air purifier FP-J30E-B model with many features integrated and new technology in the product to bring comfort and efficiency for the user.

The Sharp FP-J30E-B is launched with a good-looking design and comes in two colors: blue (Sharp FP-J30E-A)  and black (Sharp FP-J30E-B), which can perfectly fit different interior. Especially, this model can blow out the clean air unique tilt 200 that increases the ability to diffuse clean air in the room.

Besides, this product is still equipped with thick prefilter and Hepa that makes sure the effectiveness. With intelligent Hepa membrane filters, the machine is able to completely prevent impurities in the air and provide fresh air for living space, working place and safely for humans.

Ion source with high emission is still the strength of the Sharp Air Purifier. In this model, the machine is packed with high density plasma ion generator, which creates charged particles in the air with strong bactericidal effect and brings the fresh feeling and peace like you are in the trees.

The product is integrated with Japanese technology that helps achieve the high perfectiveness both in terms of form and efficiency of air filtration, which meet the strict requirements of many different customers. This is reason why Sharp air purifiers are very popular and trusted with consumers.

Using instruction of  Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-B

The Sharp air purifier  FP-J30E-B has a maximum power consumption of 50W, which is used within a range of 23m2, so this product is fully adaptable and responsive to the needs of air filtration at homes, offices or hospitals…with different spaces and levels of pollution. The air quality filtered by the machine is stil safe, fresh and safe for human health.

During the use of FP-J30E-B, to ensure the effectiveness and durability, users should pay attention to clean and replace the membrane. On average, about 2 weeks per a time, we should clean the membrane periodically. This operation makes the air flow in the machine easier, thus improving the efficiency of the filter air.

For Sharp air filter FP-J30E-B air purifier, the average life time of filter is about 2 years. However, depending on the environment in which it is used, life time of filter is different in the fact. Therefore, if the Hepa membrane, activated carbon membrane is too dirty and difficult to clean, we should change to ensure the filter effect of the device.

Where should we buy Sharp Air Purifirer FP-J30E-B?

This is a new model in our country. With position as an “true air purifier specialist” – Maizota brings to consumers the FP-J30E-B air purifier model with a genuine commitment with manufacturer’s warranty period up to 12 months.

Current, Maizota not only distributes Sharp air purifier FP-J30 but also offers a wide range of Sharp air purifiers with different designs and capacities which meet the needs of domestic consumers. The products sold by Maizota are all supported from purchasing, technical instruction that bring the peace of mind and trust from consumers over the years.

All information about the FP-J30E-B air purifier model as well as the latest promotions are updated continuously on website You also can refer or ask for the best advice to get the best product in accordance with your needs and purposes.



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