Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W

7,990,000 VNĐ 6,800,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 28m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W  with applicable area of 28m2 and outstanding durability is the best solution for both humidifying and cleaning the air in the bedroom, living room, working room because it does not only help effectively purify the air but also compensate natural humid into your space.

The reasons for us to choose the Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W  

Sharp air purifiers in Vietnam are highly trusted and popularly used by consumers thank to its efficiency, Plasmacluster Ion technology with high durability. Moreover, it is highlighted features that trully make brand name and difference from other brands.

Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W  is specially elaborated on design and technology, which helps to achieve high efficiency and durability whereas rarely can any device do it.

The Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W  with luxurious appearance and pure white color brings harmonious combination and the elegance for device. Further more, compared to normal products, air purifiers in Maizota are genuinely warranted by manufacture with long-term policy, so customer can completely trust and count on us when purchasing in our Maizota.

Efficiency and high performance working of the Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G40EV-W

The Sharp KC-G40EV-W  is equipped with a Hepa filter, which can clean the air and remove PM3.0, PM2.5…Moreover, thank to ability to generate natural humid, your living space surely becomes fresher, more comfortable and safer for user, especially for family with chilren and  whom with respiratory diseases.

The device is also equipped with high-intensity negative ion generator that helps sterilize bacteria, viruses we can not see by naked eye in the space. Therefore, the Sharp KC-G40EV-W  is very useful to protect human health, keep peace in mind and enjoy fresh air.
With a compact and saving-design, its thickness is only about 26 cm, so the KC-G40EV-W  is very suitable for households in crowed places like Hanoi and Ho Chi minh City.

Another useful feature of the KC-G40EV-W  that is the silent and smooth operation with maximum noise level of 46 dB, which is completely safe for human being.
This is one of the main reasons that the machine is popularly used for bedroom, woring room or spaces needs the silence.

Easily purchasing Sharp KC-G40EV-W  with genuinely long-term warranty in Vietnam

Currently, Sharp KC-G40EV-W  is genuinely distributed at the Maizota air purifier supermarket for the whole nation. Coming to Maizota, consumers surely have the opportunity to experience air purifier with Japanese brand.

With the purchasing genuine Sharp humidifier air purifier KC-G40EV-W  at Maizota, customers are fully supported by a long-term warranty policy from manufacturer. Moreover, customers are also supported technique by our experienced technician in the most professional and effective way.

The Sharp KC-G40EV-W  does not only clean the air but also generate natural humid that is trully useful for protecting human health. The device is also very durable and effective for applicable area of 28 m2. At Maizota, Sharp KC-G40EV-W  is genuinely distributed  for whole nation.

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