Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W

9,290,000 VNĐ 7,600,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 38m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Sale Information

Because the finding a new and genuine equipment with high-quality and durability is not easy in Vietnam market, in order to meet the this need of users, our Maizota specializes in distributing genuine Japan domestic machines. Especially, Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G50EV-W is not only outstanding thank to ability to help clean the air and protect the human health but also its durability.

Outstanding advantages of Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G50EV-W

Perhaps, at this current time, Sharp Air Purifier is one of the strongest brands that created the prestige as well as trust and love from the consumers over the world and in Vietnam thank to its efficiency, diversity and multi-function. Beacause of being made in Japan, Sharp domestic machines are more stable than other machines.

Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W with eye-catching design is trully attractive by its simplicity, neatness and sophistication. It can be said that any domestic products has an impressive appearance because to Japanese, machine is not only equippment used for daily purposes like cleaning the air or deodorizing…but also plays role as decorating thing for their house.

Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W made in Japan trully conquered user by its ability to work extremely well. Along with powerful engine, the components are made from high quality materials that makes the machine become more durable, so expenes for repairing is minimized and reduced.

Ability to operate effectively and protect your health of Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W

In terms of efficiency, KC-G50EV-W possesses ability to clean the air through Hepa filter, which is able to prevent from PM0.3, PM2.5… and extremely useful for living room, working room, bedroom with applicable 28 m2.

The device also has ability to generate ion with high-intensity, so sterilizing bacteria, mold, virus in air breath becomes more simple and effective than ever. Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G50EV-W helps protects human health and in particularly, it is very useful for families having young children and people with respiratory diseases

The KC-G50EV-W is also integrated sensitive sensors such as dust, odor, temperature, humid or brightness sensor to make the device more active, more accurate. Thus, your bedroom and living room are surely more fresher and comfortable.

KC-G50EV-W is equipped and added humidifying function which helps compensate humid into the air. Being based on Japanese humidifying technology, a special feature is humid that is generated naturally through transmitting molecules of water into the air, so it is trully safe for human health, furniture in your home.

Purchasing Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W

If at previous time the purchasing Japanese machine is trully difficult, this is absolutely easy to buy at Maizota, especially Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G50EV-W is genuinely distributed with long-term warranty policy.
Besides the long-term warranty policies from manufacturer, KC-G50EV-W is also supported technique by technical staffs during operating machine. Hence, user can be absolutedly feel at ease when using product. This is orientation development and the best support customer policy from Maizota.

Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G50EV-W can effectively clean and compensate natural humid into the air with applicable area of 38m2, which is safe for human health and very durable in using time.

To know more about information about KC-G50EV-W and promotions programs at the Maizota air purifier supermarket, customer can visit our website: . Customers can contact us via phone number: 0931 288 288 to get the best advices with the most suitable products for need of user.


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