Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G60EV-W

10,990,000 VNĐ 9,250,000 VNĐ

  • Included VAT 10%
  • Genuine, new 100%
  • Applicable area 50m2
  • Warranty 12 months
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Japanese brand is not only well-known for its quality, outstanding durability but also its high efficiency in operation. It is Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier KC-G60EV-W that is repositioned a leading brand name from Japan. So, how strong and effective Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G60EV-W is, let’s follow below criteria:

High durability and efficient operation of Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G60EV-W

With the first ranking over the world and the first choice of South-East Asia in air filtration, Sharp air purifier is almost used for working room, living room to protect human health.

Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G60EV-W is integrated with effective filter system concluding: Pre-filter, Hepa filter and Carbon filter with 10-year-durabilty. Not only can it remove ultra-fine dust, mold but also helps to eliminate odors from foods, smoke…that is generated from human activities, so that the device is used very commonly for apartment in Japan.

The air purifier KC-G60EV-W is capable of removing up to 99.97% of dirt, mold, pollens… in the air. Moreover, the humidifying function helps to compensate and balance natural moisture in the room and make relaxing for human being to work,study more effectively.

Sharp is a famous brand for its Plasmacluster ion technology, which is capable of transmitting electron into the air, removing bacteria, viruses and molds…, so that ability to purify the air to protect human health more effectively.

Outstanding strength of Sharp Humidifying air purifier KC-G60EV-W

Through sensors integrated that can detect pollutants such as: dirt, PM2.5, PM0.3, odors, humidity, brighness…the device is able to display accurate indexs of pollutants and remove them more effectively.

Due to advanced and modern technology from Japan, the KC-G60EV-W becomes not only more stronger and durable than other machines but also reduces technical trouble shooting, hence, expenses for repairing during use is reduced.

With attractive appearance and neat design but still keep the softness along with modern features that can meet the cleaning requirement the room with applicable area of 50 m2, the KC-G60EV-W is truly perfect choice and useful for the large spaces such as villas, hotels, hospitals, offices…

Purchasing Genuinely Sharp humidifying air purifier KC-G60EV-W  and the effective usage

Being a genuine distributor of Sharp in Vietnam, Maizota is so proud of bringing consumers high-quality products in general and Sharp KC-G60EV-W in particular that makes a variety for the user’s choices and ability to meet the strictest requirements of cleaning the air.

Besides warranty policy of manufacturer, when buying Sharp KC-G60EV-W at showrooms of Maizota for nationwide, customer is supported carefully during using by experiened technical staffs. Surely Maizota will be ideal choice for user if customer would like to looking for Sharp KC-G60EV-W to protect family health.

In order to increase efficiency of cleaning the air, life time of filter and device, we should periodly check and clean membrane filter, inlet, outlet… which helps the device operate better.

Currently, all your questions about cleaning methods or usage…will be answered and consulted enthusiatically by our experienced technical staffs. Thus, to know more information of KC-G60EV-W, customer can contact via this phone number: 0931 288 288 or visit website:


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