1. Free warranty cases:

Product warranty: is to recover mistakes and accidents from technique errors of manufacturer.
-Your warranty product is free if it is in warranty period written in puchase invoice.
– Warranty period is written on warranty card and followed as regulation of each producer.
-Warranty card and warranty stamp is attached on product.
-Warranty product is processed as regulation of each producer (written on warranty card and published).

-Home warranty (if exist), which is written in shopping cheque, is applied in Hanoi and Hochiminh urban area.

You wil get free for periodly maintancing and cleaning machine package costing 900.000 (if exist) when buying at airpurifier.com.vn (Applied area: Hanoi and Hochiminh urban). This is fixed on each products or purchase order.

– For home warranty, your product is warrantied and recovered errors by Maizota staff at home or authourized warranty centers depending on broken product levels.

– Products are not placed in home warranty list, please send them to authourized warranty centers in order to be served more carefully and quickly.

Delivery fees for warranty

*You will get free for Delivery charge if your product is placed in warranty list (Hanoi and Hochiminh urban area).
* Products are not placed in home and area warranty list, please:
-Contact to authorized centers or send product to nearest authorized warranty center. Delivery charge is paid by yourself.
-Contact to customer service center of Maizota One Member Company Limited, we will deputize for you to contact with authorized warranty center.
-If you are far from authorzied warranty center or not able to contact directedly, please send your product to customer service center of Maizota. Delivery charge is paid by yourself.
2. Unwarranted cases (Charges for repairs)

Not be Maizota’s customer or place in distributed product list by Maizota One Member Company.
-Over warranty period or loosing warranty card
-Warranty card, warranty stamp are lost or torned, even changed content.
-Number series and buying date are not written clearly.
-Number series on product and warranty card are not the same or unidentified for any reasons.
-Product is broken by any mechanical actions such as dropped out, broken down, scratched, unformed, wet, stanied and rusty or caused by disaster.
-Product is broken down by insects or mouse.
-By not correctedly using as intruction or input voltage.
-Data and documents are supplied for free (even in warranty period).
-Be dismantled and repaired at home or other persons, who are not Maizo staff.

3. Contact, Question, Feedback about warranty.

If you have not sastisfied with custormer service or have any concern about warranty, please contact:
Maizota One Member Company Limited
– Ha Noi: No 76 Yen Lang street – Dong Da District– Ha Noi
Ho Chi Minh: No 131 Xuan Hong – Ward 12 – Tan Binh District – Ho Chi Minh
Mobilephone: (04) 66 577 677 – 0882.623.623
Email: maizota.com@gmail.com
Hotline: 0931.288.288
Website: www.airpurifier.com.vn