What is PM2.5? PM2.5 in particular and dust particles in general is particles which float in air with extremely small diameter and too hard to see by naked eye. Due to come from human activities or nature, dust particles always exist anywhere in parallel with our lives.

What is PM2.5?

P.M2.5 is the concept that generally refers to particles smaller than 2.5µm. Those are small particles floating in the air. PM stands for Particulate Matter (also called particle pollution): the term for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. And 2.5 number is understood to mean that the size of each particle is only 2.5 microns or below. If comparing to dust or pollen, it is extremely small with only 1:20. What will happen if these particles penetrate into our human body every day?

PM2.5 are recognized that it usually appears most widely in urban centers, industrial zones, machine factories, construction areas, etc. This is different from normal thoughts that PM2.5 only appears in big cities and urban centers while in fact, it still absolutedly presents in suburban or countryside area due to dry mud and sandy soil.

According to observation in Vietnam, gas emissions from vehicles are the main source of PM2.5 and accounts for nearly 60% (internal combustion engine dust). In addition, factories or construction sites also contributes to generate a large mount of super dust in process of emitting exhaust gases. All of them have negative effects on human life.

The urbanization has been growing strongly along with the coming to throne of industrialization. However, this is the good chance for PM2.5 to become a national problem for many countries including Vietnam. For example, with China’s rapid pace of progress without emphasizing on environmental protection, so it is facing serious pollution. PM2.5 is one of the most important reasons that make this country proclaim emergency state about air pollution level.

Previously, there were not many constructions, factories and vehicles using internal combustion engines… Thus, our environment has more convenient conditions to develope not only for humans but also for many other species. However, nowadays we are having to face to the exposure risk of many germs, toxic substances caused by our daily activities, in which PM2.5 is one of the big problems and questions without answer in Vietnam.

How does PM 2.5 penetrate into human body?

As we all know, oxygen in air helps people to maintain life through breathing. However, there are a lot of particulate matter in air such as PM2.5, which is too difficult to eliminate when we breathe air into the trachea of human body. Because of too small diameter of PM2.5, they can easily accumulate in our lungs, even squeeze into bloodstream and body.

On the health side, PM2.5 into human body is extremely dangerous. According to health experts, it is easiest to get trouble for people with heart, lung disease, elders and children due to microscopic dust. However, even healthy people is easily knocked down by PM2.5 when they penetrate into human body and cause some illnesses such as eyes, lung, nose, windpipe diseases… If this situation is eliminated or prolonged, absolutedly life expectancy will be increasingly reduce. It also is potential to cause cancer for human being.

Germs usually bind to these particles and penetrate into human body. This is also main reason why PM2.5 is so dangerou for everyone. Once penetrating into lungs, it not only causes tuberculosis but also damages the structure of lungs and injuries to this organ. This can have a dramatic effect on the health and longevity of sufferers.

How to prevent and limit  PM2.5 penetrates deeply into the human body?

Preventing PM2.5 in particular and environmental pollution in generally is not only responsibility of everyone or exemplary group but also challenge, which need to cooperation of whole community. It can be said that keeping living place with clean and beautiful is the most effective method and a perfect answer for pollution problems.

We already know that PM2.5 is most commonly produced from vehicles by using internal combustion engines. Therefore, if you would like to quickly minimize this type of dust, the best way is that you should turn to eco-friendly vehicles.

Although there are many types of dust masks, which are available on current market and capable of filtering along with eliminating hazardous dust for human health. However, it is too difficult to avoid PM2.5 for everyone as usual way because of its extremely small diameter. So the best way to protect yourself and family is to build a true fresh and green environment.

 Increasing awareness of environment protection is very important for human health but the airbreath in our own home also needs cleaning. Air Purifier is truly useful for us to clean the air because  of its cleaning particle dust, even PM2.5 or unpleasant smells, so your living space will become fresher and more comfortable.

The reason why not only can air purifier remove PM2.5 but also odors, viruses or odors is Hepa filter that helps to keep and clean particle of 0.3 micromet (PM0.3). Moreover, it can bring fresh air and natural atmosphere for your home space.

Let’s contribute to clean environment and our living space by cleaning our own house!

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